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Nadia on the Run | Casita Living

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Nadia Colucci, a San Diego native and seasoned Real Estate Agent with North Compass Realty is joined by Travis King, Principal of Casita Living, an innovative new company that is a one-stop shop for all of your Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU’s) needs. 

Whether you are a homeowner or renter, you know there is a shortage of inventory here in California. That is why ADU’s have been a hot topic over the past few months. The state of California has recently passed a law that severely loosens the original building restrictions, in the hopes that more people will add an ADU to their property. Although some cities have implemented programs to help you achieve that, some cities are still a bit behind.

Wasting no time, Travis dives into how Casita Living came about and what exactly it has to offer its clients. Casita Living is basically the perfect path to every homeowner’s dream, earning rental income from an ADU that they don’t have to pay to build or deal with any of the hassle! 

Each Principal at Casita Living comes from a real estate development background, giving them the vast experience necessary to develop and push through this seemingly daunting process. Casita Living takes away all complexity, and minimizes all friction points when it comes to finding an architect, designing, permits, financing, building, etc. They do it all for you!

Nadia & Travis break down the process for Casita Living.

  1. Initial Call – Representatives will collect information about your property.
  2. Consultation – After reviewing the gathered information, Casita Living will conduct analytics on your property; they will schedule a site visit to review the property, and address the needs & desires of the homeowner. 
  3. Sign Agreement – Casita Living will present the homeowner with an agreement including estimates for construction costs, as well as an analysis of the potential rent & income they will receive.
  4. Construction – They begin the work to design, permit and build the ADU.
  5. Income – After construction is complete and a renter is screened & approved, the homeowner begins to experience the benefit of being a landlord without any of the hassle!

Casita Living is the one that is fronting the money to build the ADU, so they are the ones that can ensure the contractors show up and deliver when they are supposed to, instead of you having to triple check and track people down every step of the way.  They have a vested interest in this process and relationship going as smoothly as the homeowner does.

Basically, the best landlord situation ever! You collect the income, have the increase in valuation for your property and you don’t have to deal with any of the problems.

What are you waiting for?  Contact us to find out how you can be a part of this one of a kind opportunity. 

As always, for more information contact Nadia at 760-214-1802 or by email at [email protected].


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